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It’s a pretty big debate… Your family may be divided… on how to make the perfect ice cream sundae? There’s your classic vanilla with hot fudge dripping, then there’s your wild, unique sundae filled to the top with flavorful cream and a piece of cake. You have everything from fruit sauces to candied bacon for toppings. It’s a huge decision to figure out the best toppings for a sundae. We’ve got some thoughts for you.

The History Of A Sundae

The first sundae was served somewhere in the late 1800s. Some people say it originated in Two Rivers, Wisconsin while others swear it was Ithaca, New York. Two Rivers also says the sundae’s claim to fame is the chocolate. Ithaca says it’s all about the cherry on top.

No matter where you think it came from, most people agree a sundae is all about the ingredients. The sundae was created because there were “Blue Laws” that stated frozen sodas could not be sold on Sundays because they were too frilly. Some people didn’t like that you sucked the soda out of a cup on Sundays, the Sabbath Day. People figured ways around this dish by making different creations. At the iScreams ice cream shop in Wheatley near Leamington, Ontario, the thing that matters the most is what your favourite toppings for ice cream are.

The history of ice cream and sundaes is debated but here is our take on the history of ice cream.

Typical Ingredients

A standard sundae is usually made with a few different things. First creamy ice cream goodness, something crunchy, a few sauces, whipped cream, and a cherry. We’ll dive into different things below that you can throw in as well. The good news is that there are no set rules when it comes to a sundae. It’s all up to your tastebuds. You’ll want the ice cream to sit in the freezer until right before the sundae is ready for construction. The sauces that aren’t made of fruit like hot fudge or caramel can be zapped a few seconds in the microwave, for an added melt in your mouth feeling.

iScreams Ice Cream Shop Leamington Sundae Toppings

The Build

Before you start to build your sundae, you have to look for unique ingredients. Sure, you can go for the “usual” whipped cream, cherry, hot fudge and nuts. It’s just fun to go the extra mile. Some people love graham crackers or hot honey for a unique twist. Some people even love Saltine crackers. If it’s different, it just adds fun.

The Layers

Some people think it’s best to have sauce at the bottom of the glass. Two ounces is the magical amount here. Just think about the last bite of sundae when you get all of the tastes together with the sauce. It’s perfection. Then you start with the layers. Go for the creamy cold stuff then whipped cream. You can throw in some toppings along the way, or leave them for the very top. The general rule of thumb is creamy then crunchy. It’s an added bonus to freeze or chill your glass or bowl before you even start all of the layering.

The Scooping

Two scoops is the magical number for your sundae. Unless you’re having a banana split, two scoops is perfect. This is about two ounces per scoop. You’ll be adding all sorts of other ingredients so you’ll get full fast.

The Garnish

Some people just throw the garnish away, but you shouldn’t waste this goodness. Cherry is always the “cherry on top,” but you can always go for any sort of fresh fruit. You can go wild and stick a cracker on top if you want. This is the visual fun of your sundae. The coolest thing about a maraschino cherry is you get the steam so you can actually pick it up to take it off. It’s just an extra little addition to a sundae to put it over the top.

The Spoon

Most people love to eat their sundae with a long spoon. You don’t have to, of course. It’s just traditional to eat a sundae with a long teaspoon.

A iScreams ice cream shop in Wheatley near Leamington, Ontario, we know the secrets to the best sundae. We’ll guide you along the way if you need to figure out some of your toppings. Although we don’t always agree on the toppings we can all agree that a good ice cream sundae makes the day better.

Photo by David Calavera on Unsplash

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