Best Ice Cream Around the World

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Best Ice Cream from Around the World
Who doesn’t like ice cream? All over the world people love it. And there are lots of places to find the best ice cream. At our ice cream shop, we serve many communities including Essex, Leamington, Tilbury and Wheatley. But here are some world class favourites to inspire your imagination and delight your taste buds when the temperature starts to climb.

Mochi Ice Cream

People in Japan love ice cream as much as everyone else. Mochi is a sweet rice cake commonly served for dessert as the base for some of the best ice cream you can find.
Mochi, best ice cream
The Japanese like things that aren’t too sweet. That’s why popular mochi flavors include green tea and red bean. The Japanese also make use of other common flavors like lemon, mint and chocolate. If you’re looking for something unusual and fun, this is a one kind of frozen sweet treat to explore.

Gelato From Italy

Italy is justifiably famous for world class food. It’s no surprise they’ve come up with their own version of ice cream. Gelato is seen all over the country. You’ll find it on the streets of Rome and in Florence. It’s thicker than the standard types of ice cream found in many other parts of the world. The thicker consistency is because Gelato is made from milk instead of cream. The result is a sweet treat that comes in many fabulous flavors.


The Middle East is hot. That’s why those who go there are glad to find a way to cool down. Turkey has long served as crossroads where varied cultures meet. Here you can sample a rare ice cream variant known as dondurma. It starts with a base of flour. Then the dessert is pulled and stretched. It’s like ice cream made into a dough. That makes it very easy to take this with you when you’re strolling the streets of Istanbul. Relax and take a few bites as you walk.


India is another part of the world where the hot weather is constant. Many Indians are happy to have kulfi on a hot day. Kulfi begins with milk. Other typical ingredients include spices like cardamom and ground nuts like pistachio. Kulfi can take some time to make.
Kulfi - Best Ice Cream Leamington
The entire Kulfi mixture can take several hours or even a day to get ready. For sweetness, kulfi makers rely on honey. It is attached to Popsicle sticks so you can bring it with you to nibble on as you relax in the middle of the day.


South Koreans have a frozen dessert option as well. Jipangyi is a cone that is made from crushed corn. The crushed corn is molded into a j shape, which is where the name comes from. When the cone is cooled, it’s filled with ice cream. The corn adds a much welcome crunch.

The Paleta

Mexico is home to a very special sweet treat known as the paleta. Paletas take full advantage of the widespread availability of different types of fruit in Mexico. These start with either fruit or coconut milk. Then the paleta is frozen on a stick. There are many different types of paletas. Kids appreciate the basic flavours like strawberry mango, kiwi and dragonfruit and lemon.
Mexican Paleta - Best Ice Cream Tilbury
Typically Paletas can be purchased at street vendors or at one of many upscale Mexican restaurants. The paleta may also be infused with a kick of spice or even a hint of alcohol.

Rolled Thai Ice Cream

Rolled Thai comes in many flavors including honey, tangerine and mint. After you’ve picked your flavor, the base is rolled thinly on a cold stone. Then it’s scraped into a cone. You’ll find it plain or topped with everything from chopped nuts to chocolate chips and additional fruit. Choose a single roll or have a group of creamy flavors.
There are many great ways to eat and enjoy ice cream. And you can find it in many variations all over the world.
Featured Image Photo by Lama Roscu on Unsplash

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