The History Of Ice Cream

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Want something cool during the long hot summer months? What about a big piece of ice cream cake? This is the reason ice cream was invented in the first place. You may stop at iScreams ice cream shop after work or reward the kids after a game well played. For what ever reason, there is nothing quite like something cold and refreshing on a hot day in Leamington.

The History of Ice Cream

The history of ice cream spans numerous civilizations, centuries and inventors. Ice creams did not appear until 2500 years ago in ancient Persia. The treat consisted of iced sweetened water topped with something tasty like fruit, enjoyed during hot weather. Eventually, this tradition travelled to the Roman and Greek empires. Production of ice cream was expensive, but were enjoyed liberally by the royalty and nobility with the necessary funds.

Once the Roman Empire fell, transport to the cities from the mountains stopped and ice cream became even more expensive. During the next 1000 years, there were very few changes. Ice cream appeared once again in Renaissance Italy when Europe became a part of the dark ages. Italy remained the centre of ice cream trade for Asia and the Middle East throughout the 13th and 14th centuries.

This contact resulted in innovative and new recipes for this summertime treat. The expansion of ice cream gradually spread throughout Europe. Catherine de’Medici traveled from Italy to France in 1533 to marry the future king, Duke de Orleans. She introduced Europe to eastern wonders including ice cream, high heeled shoes and eating utensils.

With backing from nobility, innovators and cooks concentrated on making this treat available all over the world. This is the reason you can enjoy ice cream cake in Essex at iScreams Ice Cream Shop today. Street vendors in North American started selling ice creams just a few decades after England and France. Issues regarding continuous refrigeration were a part of the industrial revolution.

The Solution

The solution was found in 1926 due to the invention of electrical freezers. Industrial manufactures were able to produce large quantities which decreased the cost of ice cream for everyone. Popularity in the United States increased during the 1930 market crash and prohibition. The trend did not reach Europe until the beginning of World War II.

After the war, the ice cream industry expanded resulting in the creation of a wide selection of flavors, an affordable price and artificial ingredients. Billions of dollars are earned every year in the United States by the ice cream industry. Americans consume more of this frozen treat than any other nation. You can find an ice cream shop almost anywhere in the world today including locally in Tilbury, Wheatley and Leamington.

Sundaes Were Created for Sundays

There are two different stories about the invention of sundaes. The most popular says every ice cream shop owner was forbidden to sell soda on Sunday since indulging in sugar during the Sabbath was not allowed. Edward Berners owned a parlor and was determined to find a way around this law.

One day he served a customer a soda without any soda. All that was left was syrup and a frozen treat. From this point on his creation was sold as an acceptable alternative. The treat became so popular customers began purchasing it every Sunday. The spelling was changed to sundae to eliminate any connection to the holy Sabbath.

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The Disgusting Ingredients in the First Recipe

During approximately 1668, the first recipe was written down by Lady Anne Fanshawe, an English noblewoman. She called her recipe icy cream and included some strange ingredients. The recipe began with boiling cream and mace. She recommended using ambergris with a little sugar or orange flower for flavor. This substance was used for making a variety of things including perfumes and candles.

Unfortunately, ambergris is whale vomit. Sperm whales sometimes suffer from an intestinal buildup. This comes up in a substance very similar to vomit.

The Phenomenon of Brain Freeze

Technically, brain freeze is called sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia. Frozen headache or brain freeze is much easier to say. This uncomfortable feeling occurs due to the temperature sensors located on the roof of your mouth. When you consume something cold before your body has time to process, a heat loss message is sent to your brain by your nerves.

This is the reason you can experience a major headache when you are enjoying ice cream. The best way to stop brain freeze is by holding your tongue against the nerves in the roof of your mouth. Once your sensors have warmed up, your brain is no longer in panic mode.

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Did Vanilla or Chocolate Come First?

If you guessed vanilla, you are incorrect. The invention of chocolate came first. Most people believe vanilla was first because this is what is used as a common base for the creation of so many delicious flavors.

The Accidental Invention of the Waffle Cone

One ice cream vendor ran out of cones at the St. Louis Missouri World’s Fair in 1904. The demand from his customers was high. Out of desperation for a solution, he looked to a nearby waffle vendor. They found the answer together and moulded the waffles into cones. Customers were thrilled with the concept and the waffle cone was officially created.

The Past Luxury of Ice Cream

Ice Cream was viewed as a luxurious dessert in the past. Only the elite were allowed to enjoy it because people considered it exotic and rare. This did not change until late in the 1800s. The only people able to afford cold storage and imported ingredients were upper-class members of society and the elite. Once a more efficient manufacturing process and commercialization decreased production costs, then the average person was able to enjoy ice cream.

Ice Cream became popular because there is nothing like a cold treat on a hot day. The good news is you no longer have to be nobility to enjoy this decadence. Have a cone or bowl for dessert or just treat your kids. The truth is pretty much everyone loves ice cream!

For a more extensive history of ice cream visit wikipedia.

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